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10 ten tips to keep original content flowing. 1. Stockpile ideas. Write down everything. All ideas have potential. An idea stockpile is your creative pantry. 2. Collaborate for better content. Invite teams to offer ideas, edit, or write and design. Heads together create more, better content. 3. Calendars keep track. Editorial calendars keep track of timelines. Plan 3+ plus months ahead. Pre-stock content every 2-4 weeks. 4. Make team content sharing easy. Use a team content sharing tool like ContentWeb to involve teams. Make it easy to stockpile ideas, develop and use content. 5. Keep it short. More isn't better. Short and impactful are more likely to engage. 6. Let images inspire. Pictures and words inspire ideas. Look for inspiration everywhere. 7. Recycle and repurpose. Unique insights are valuable, so recycle them. Put a new spin on an insight to create new content. 8. Questions, lists and quotes. Give yourself a kickstart on ideation. Find the question, list or quote that conveys insight. 9 Play with format. Try out video, GIFs, animations and more. What works best for you? For your audiences? 10. Fight writer's block. Take a break or switch to a new idea. Don't get stuck -- finish.
Use this idea stockpiling process to make content creation easier on everyone. Content marketing needs a steady flow of fresh content but original content creation is difficult. Use ContentWeb and a simple process to make ideation and content creation easier.

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