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Start a free 30 thirty day trial of ContentWeb a team content sharing tool. Teams need access to content. What they don't need are hassles. ContentWeb gives teams easy mobile access to all the content they need to make your launch successful. ContentWeb also is great for content marketing idea stockpiling and team collaboration on content creation. Sign up for a free trial today.

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Enormous resources are spent developing content to drive effective internal and external communications programs. Decentralized content sharing tools are costly productivity drains. Employees are experiencing email overload. Employees spend 28 percent 28% of their time each week on email. Employees spend 19 percent 19% of their time each week searching for and gathering information they need to do their jobs. Every 3 minutes an employee is interrupted in their work. These interruptions cost U.S. companies $650 billion each year. Email isn't a good tool to use for sharing content with team members.

ContentWeb is a central,

easy to use portal designed 

to share content among

teams. Think of it as a cloud-based content shopping mall where communications and marketing teams can 
easily find what they 
need to tell your story.​​

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Sharing content with team members over email or file transfer or complex collaboration sites is stressful and frustrating for everyone. 47 percent 47% of employees time each week is spent on email and searching for information they need to do their jobs. When launching a program with a lot of content, don't stress out your teams by putting content on email, FTP or complex collaboration sites. Make content easier to find and use with ContentWeb.

Email is overused for content 
sharing among teams. 
Servers are often messy and

don't provide access across

diverse teams. Collaboration

or project management tools

are designed for broader 
purpose, making them 
frustratingly complex for

content sharing.

Benefits of ContentWeb for team content sharing. ContentWeb operates in the cloud and can be set up with little to no burden on busy IT teams. ContentWeb administrators need no special skills. The people who manage the content can manage the space. ContentWeb allows easy posting of content. Robust description field allows for graphics, links and other rich text with no character limits. Rich text descriptions help users find what they need and use the content properly. Excellent version control ensures administrators can keep track of the most current content. Groups functionality allows administrators to manage who sees what content, when and for how long. Search functionality works on titles and descriptions but not "everything and nothing." Managing content and descriptions means you optimize search. No extensive tag management. Users can comment on and like content, which means there is knowledge sharing and transfer. Administrators can assign user to dos on each post, making content actionable. New hot posts and to dos trigger a daily email and weekly notification to users. ContentWeb was designed for content sharing, without the extra functionality that complicates other applications. ContentWeb is cloud-based and secure. ContentWeb operates in the cloud on gold standard AWS Amazon servers with bank-level 256-bit encryption. ContentWeb is password protected. Each user chooses a unique password for access to the space. ContentWeb in the cloud offers internal teams easy, secure, mobile device access to shareable content anytime, anywhere. ContentWeb offers custom installation behind your firewall, at an additional cost, with single sign-on as needed. ContentWeb is easy to use, implement and administer versus other tools. ContentWeb is designed to be easy for everyone to use. No special skills or training are required to be a user or administrator. ContentWeb is an off-the-shelf product and takes minutes to set up and get ready for content posting. ContentWeb requires little to no time from IT staff to manage and use. No large content migration is required, each post can contain an attachment or link. Each post contains an unlimited, rich-text description making search better without the need for complex tagging systems. Unlimited descriptions allow you to organize everything you know about and related to a piece of content in one place. Content can be organized by groups of users, so they get only the content they need, not everything else. ContentWeb offers low cost of ownership combined with less wasted user time. ContentWeb is $10 per user per month or $100 per user per year with lower pricing for 250 plus users. ContentWeb is designed specifically for internal content sharing so you only pay for what you need. No need to burden IT. Anyone can manage the space. It doesn't require special skills or costs to configure and maintain it. If you organize the space one way and don't like it, you can reorganize with no IT "do over" costs.
10 ten tips to keep original content flowing. 1. Stockpile ideas. Write down everything. All ideas have potential. An idea stockpile is your creative pantry. 2. Collaborate for better content. Invite teams to offer ideas, edit, or write and design. Heads together create more, better content. 3. Calendars keep track. Editorial calendars keep track of timelines. Plan 3+ plus months ahead. Pre-stock content every 2-4 weeks. 4. Make team content sharing easy. Use a team content sharing tool like ContentWeb to involve teams. Make it easy to stockpile ideas, develop and use content. 5. Keep it short. More isn't better. Short and impactful are more likely to engage. 6. Let images inspire. Pictures and words inspire ideas. Look for inspiration everywhere. 7. Recycle and repurpose. Unique insights are valuable, so recycle them. Put a new spin on an insight to create new content. 8. Questions, lists and quotes. Give yourself a kickstart on ideation. Find the question, list or quote that conveys insight. 9 Play with format. Try out video, GIFs, animations and more. What works best for you? For your audiences? 10. Fight writer's block. Take a break or switch to a new idea. Don't get stuck -- finish.
3 three ways ContentWeb can help you be a team content sharing hero. Organize. Post content on an organized, secure mobile space with version control, excellent search, and rich text descriptions to provide visuals and instructions on use. Target. Distribute content to specific groups of users inside and outside your organization. You can either blanket the team with all your content or target content only to those who need it. Notify and assign. Assign actions or to dos to team members to help motivate them to use the content. Notify team members daily and weekly through email about new content and actions.